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            Maori Philosophy: Indigenous Thinking from Aotearoa

            Maori Philosophy: Indigenous Thinking from Aotearoa (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Stewart, Dr Georgina

            • RRP: $46.89
            • $46.89
            • Reprinting locally

            This book is a concise introduction to Maori philosophy, covering the symbolic systems and worldviews of the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand. This book addresses core philosophical issues including Maori notions of the self, the world, epistemology, the form in which M...aori philosophy is conveyed, and whether or not Maori philosophy has a teleological agenda. The book introduces key texts, thinkers and themes and includes pedagogical features including: - A Maori-to-English glossary; - Accessible English translations of primary source material; - Teaching notes, and reflections on how the studied material engages with contemporary debates - End-of-chapter discussion questions that can be used in teaching - Comprehensive bibliographies and guided suggestions for further reading. Knowledge, Self and World in Maori Philosophy is an ideal text for students studying World Philosophies, or anyone who wishes to use indigenous philosophies or methodologies in their own research and scholarship.
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            ISBN 9781350101654
            Released AU 29 Sep 2020
            Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
            Interest Age 19+ years
            Series Bloomsbury Introductions to World Philosophies
            Reprinting locally, In Stock Internationally
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            The Little Kiwi's New Year

            The Little Kiwi's New Year (Hardback)

            By Slade Robinson, Nikki

            • RRP: $32.50
            • $27.72
            • Save $4.78
            • Pub Date
              1 Dec 20

            An exciting story about native New Zealand animals waiting for the Maori New Year that is fun and educational.

            ISBN 9781760360948
            Published AU 1 Dec 2020
            Publisher Starfish Bay Children's Books
            Interest Age 4-7 years
            169 Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 1 Dec 2020
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            The Adventures of Tupaia

            The Adventures of Tupaia (Hardback)

            Illustrated by Tait, Mat; By Meredith, Courtney Sina

            • RRP: $29.99
            • $22.49
            • Save $7.50
            • In Stock At Publisher

            "The incredible story of Tupaia, Tahitian priest navigator, who sailed on board the Endeavour with Captain Cook on his first voyage to Aotearoa. Follow Tupaia as he grows up in Ra'iatea, becoming a high-ranking 'arioi and master navigator. Join him as he meets up with Cook in Tah...iti and sails as part of the crew on the Endeavour across the Pacific to Aotearoa. Witness the encounters between tangata whenua and the crew as the ship sails around the coast, and discover the important role Tupaia plays as translator and cultural interpreter"--Back cover.
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            ISBN 9781988547145
            Published AU 12 Sep 2019
            Publisher Allen & Unwin
            Interest Age Children
            592 In-stock at publisher; ships 7-14 working days
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            Whiti: Colossal Squid of the Deep

            Whiti: Colossal Squid of the Deep (Hardback, 2nd Revised edition)

            By Cleal, Victoria; Illustrated by Te Aho-White, Isobel Joy

            • RRP: $29.99
            • $26.99
            • Save $3.00
            • In Stock At Publisher

            The colossal squid has been the most popular exhibit at Te Papa since it arrived there in 2007. Now this appealing book for young readers tells the fascinating story of these creatures from the deep, through sparkling and informative text and amazing illustrations. A must-have na...tural history book for young readers and their whanau and teachers.
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            ISBN 9780995133808
            Published AU 8 Oct 2020
            Publisher Te Papa Press
            Interest Age 9-11 years
            999 In-stock at publisher; ships 7-14 working days
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            Navigating the Stars: Maori Creation Myths

            Navigating the Stars: Maori Creation Myths (Hardback)

            By Ihimaera, Witi

            • RRP: $45.00
            • $33.75
            • Save $11.25
            • Pub Date
              6 Nov 20

            From master storyteller Witi Ihimaera, a spellbinding and provocative retelling of traditional Maori myths for the twenty-first century. In this milestone volume, Ihimaera traces the history of the Maori people through their creation myths. He follows Tawhaki up the vines into th...e firmament, Hine-titama down into the land of the dead, Maui to the ends of the earth, and the giants and turehu who sailed across the ocean to our shores . . . From Hawaiki to Aotearoa, the ancient navigators brought their myths, while looking to the stars - bright with gods, ancestors and stories - to guide the way. 'Step through the gateway now to stories that are as relevant today as they ever were.'
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            ISBN 9780143774990
            Published AU 6 Nov 2020
            Publisher Random House
            Interest Age General Audience
            229 Available for pre-order, ships once released
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            Maori Markings: Ta Moko

            Maori Markings: Ta Moko (Paperback)

            Created by Australia, National Gallery of

            • RRP: $39.99
            • $35.99
            • Save $4.00
            • In Stock At Publisher

            "The practice of t moko, and the wearing of moko, was considered an art form of a bygone day for the most part of the twentieth century, as casualty of Aotearoa New Zealand's colonial past. However, this unique Pacific art is enjoying a revival. Its embers fanned back to life by ...modern practitioners in the 1980s, it has once again become a powerful form of Mori cultural expression, identity and unity. In a first for Australia, 'Mori markings: t moko' looks at not only the history of this living, breathing art of our region but also shares stories of today's proud moko wearers and practitioners"--Foreword.
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            ISBN 9780642334800
            Published AU 1 May 2019
            Publisher National Library of Australia
            Interest Age General Audience
            68 In stock at publisher; delivery usually 15-20 working days due to covid19 delays
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            Expanding World, New Country

            Expanding World, New Country (Paperback, New edition)

            By Ball, Graeme

            • RRP: $45.99
            • $45.99
            • In Stock At Publisher

            Expanding World, New Country: 19th Century New Zealand from 3000BCE to today, is aimed primarily at secondary students, the first such textbook in 20 years. Expanding World, New Country focuses on the long 19th century (up to WWI) during which New Zealand changed from a wholly Ma...ori country to one dominated by Pakeha in terms of numbers, culture and political power.
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            ISBN 9780170425315
            Published AU 19 Feb 2019
            Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
            Interest Age 19+ years
            999 In stock at publisher; delivery usually 15-20 working days due to covid19 delays
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            From the Ashes

            From the Ashes (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Challinor, Deborah

            • RRP: $32.99
            • $24.74
            • Save $8.25
            • In Stock At Publisher

            Auckland,1956. Allie Manaia works at Smith and Caughey's department store. It's been two years since the Dunbar and Jones fire, where some of her friends perished, but she still has nightmares. Allie and her husband, Sonny, are desperate for a baby, after losing a child, and Alli...e's distress at not conceiving again is compounded when those around her seem to have no trouble falling pregnant - even when they shouldn't. Allie's neighbours have recently moved to suburban Auckland. Ana, now a housewife, misses her work on the farm, but she has her hands full, looking after her increasingly forgetful father-in-law. Kathleen Lawson - rich, lonely and bored - is one of Allies' customers at the make-up counter. Kathleen takes a shine to Allie, but when she discovers Allie's husband is Maori, Kathleen's attitude changes. Is she trying to make friends or poison the relationship between Sonny and Allie? Sonny's beautiful younger sister, Polly, is living a vibrant but wayward life as a waitress-model-goodtime girl while leaving her young daughter to be raised by her mother. Then one day Polly disappears...
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            ISBN 9781460754122
            Published AU 29 Oct 2018
            Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
            Interest Age General Audience
            Series The Restless Years
            70 In stock at publisher; delivery usually 15-20 working days due to covid19 delays
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            The Maori Conflict

            The Maori Conflict (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Hampsey, Sean

            • RRP: $46.50
            • $46.50
            • Available

            In the early 1800as a French veteran of Napoleon Bonaparteas wars escapes to New Zealand from the penal settlement of New South Wales. After being captured, he chances his way into the inner-sanctum of a powerful Maori tribe. Soon he is within a hairs-breadth of becoming heir to ...the throne. He is caught-up in a terrifying inter-tribal war, and even as a seasoned campaigner, he is over-awed by the brutality and bravery of it all. Intertwined through this riveting tale is an abandoned nymph-like white girl who captivates our French adventurer to the point that she costs him his position and standing among the Maoris. Amidst all of the beauty and savagery that is New Zealand, the author brings the reader with him into the valleys and dells of the lush tropical rain forests, to the snow-capped mountain peaks, and to the peaceful bays and inlets of a country so abundant in natures finery we can touch each dew-drenched leaf and be intoxicated by each delicate plant and flower. One can immediately feel absorbed in this land, abounding in beauty in all its untamed forms just prior to white settlement in the late 1840as.
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            ISBN 9781925230437
            Published AU 1 Oct 2018
            Publisher Author (Self Published Title)
            Interest Age General Audience
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            Mahiara (Roadworks Maori Version)

            Mahiara (Roadworks Maori Version) (Paperback)

            Edited by Sutton, Sally; Illustrated by Lovelock, Brian; Translated by Mataira, Katerina

            • RRP: $16.99
            • $13.59
            • Save $3.40
            • In Stock At Publisher

            A retelling of "Roadworks" in Maori. A boisterous picture book full of noisy fun for machine-mad kids. "Plan the road. Plan the road. Mark it on the map." Roadworks takes the reader through all the stages of making a road; from planning to construction to driving on the finished ...road, the full journey is detailed for young and curious minds with a rhythmic text and bright illustrations. * A great book for active boys full of onomatopoeic words to read aloud. * Includes a pictorial glossary of all the vehicles with a short caption of what each machine does.
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            ISBN 9781921720178
            Published AU 1 Oct 2010
            Publisher Walker Books Australia
            Interest Age 0-5 years
            Language (Maori)
            483 In stock at publisher; delivery usually 15-20 working days due to covid19 delays
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