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              Dreamers Quit India: If You Fail Go To Jail

              Dreamers Quit India: If You Fail Go To Jail (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Singh, Billoo

              This book is all about new India. It is about failures and why failing in India is NOT an optionThere have been many success stories and for every successful story there will be 10000 failures. The idea of failure in a scientific world is that you can do the experiments again and... restart.Entrepreneurship is all about ideas.For every successful 1 Idea there will be 9999 failed ideasImagine if your idea fails only way to restart is complete your jail sentence and 10 years trialWelcome to Dreamers IndiaImagine a country where Prime Minister invites in every country enterprenuer and hails them but never in once this happens for people in India. Only way to get you in Man kee Baat is when you are from BPL class and do goodIf you are a middle class try to do good you hardly get a mentionThere is no system No bankruptcy for youFailing to your dreams is criminal and 420 and fraudMy adviceEither read this book and safeguard yourselfOr Quit India
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              ISBN 9781099266331
              Released AU 18 May 2019
              Publisher Independently Published
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Quit India
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