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              Smoky Mountain Sweethearts/Bachelor Remedy

              Smoky Mountain Sweethearts/Bachelor Remedy (Paperback)

              By Harper, Cheryl; Ross, Carol

              • RRP: $16.99
              • $13.59
              • Save $3.40
              • Pub Date
                1 Nov 20

              Smoky Mountain Sweethearts - Cheryl Harper How close is too close to the flame? Sam Blackburn excels at fighting fire with fire in Tennessee, whether it's putting out deadly forest blazes or rescuing his old friend, widow Avery Montague, who's lost her nerve on a steep mountain c...liff. What happened to the daring, adventure-loving teenager who wasn't afraid of anything? As kids, Avery was always pushing Sam to be brave, to be better, so he's ready to return the favor. Except he's up for his dream job in Colorado as a hotshot smoke jumper, and he can't be in two places at once. His future is fraught with risk, but what's the point of living if you don't take chances? He just wants Avery to find the courage to go after what she wants, and he's hoping it's him... Bachelor Remedy - Carol Ross She's the most unconventional woman he'll ever meet...and the cure for a perennial bachelor? Raised by her healer grandfather, former army medic Ally Mowak knows her alternative approach to traditional medicine puts her at odds with most of her Alaskan town. That includes Tag James, the rugged transport pilot with the sprawling family and political ambitions. Ally couldn't be more wrong for the aspiring senator. Then why does everything feel so right when they're together?
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              ISBN 9781867218241
              Published AU 1 Nov 2020
              Publisher Harlequin Enterprises (Austral
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Otter Lake Ranger Station
              Available for pre-order, ships once released
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              Her Unexpected Hero/The Cowboy and the Angel

              Her Unexpected Hero/The Cowboy and the Angel (Paperback)

              By Harper, Cheryl; Thomas, Marin

              • RRP: $14.99
              • $13.49
              • Save $1.50
              • Temporarily out of stock

              Her Unexpected Hero - Cheryl Harper Winter Kingfisher only wanted to protect the nature reserve in her hometown of Sweetwater, Tennessee. But after a political scandal lands her family on the front pages and costs Winter her PR job at the reserve and her engagement, she needs to ...rebuild. Enter handsome Caleb Callaway, who's arrived to oversee a construction project meant to make amends of his own. Caleb is already part of Winter's past...can he also be her future? The Cowboy And The Angel - Marin Thomas Renee Sweeney will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over the heads of Detroit's street kids. Even if it means stepping in front of a ten-ton wrecking ball aimed at their temporary home. And especially if it means clashing with gorgeous corporate cowboy Duke Dalton. To Duke, Renee seems more like an angel than a social worker - until he discovers a group of runaways camping out in his warehouse! The Tulsa businessman came to set up shop in a new town, not provide free housing for the masses. But Renee and the kids are making him rethink his bottom line...
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              ISBN 9781489282507
              Published AU 1 May 2019
              Publisher Harlequin
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Otter Lake Ranger Station
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              Her Heart's Bargain

              Her Heart's Bargain (Paperback, Original ed.)

              By Harper, Cheryl

              • RRP: $16.50
              • $13.47
              • Save $3.03
              • In Stock US

              He's the kind of man--a woman risks everything forHead ranger Ash Kingfisher has been thrust into the eye of a political firestorm. Macy Gentry won't quit until she clears her boss's good name and safeguards the land they both love. The biggest obstacle is Ash, who's determined t...o protect Macy at the expense of what's developing between them. She'll have to show their Tennessee town how much they need this special man--and how much Ash needs her.
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              ISBN 9781335633903
              Released AU 4 Dec 2018
              Publisher Harlequin
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Otter Lake Ranger Station
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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