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              Oddiscy's Expressions of Sensual Truths

              Oddiscy's Expressions of Sensual Truths (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Carter, Oddiscy Quest

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              An invigorating cluster of poetic short-stories, Oddiscy reflects on sensual thoughts and experiences. She conveys conflicting emotions as she embarks on a somewhat erotic quest from 20-something to 30-something. As she lays in her bed thinking of her hopes, dreams, desires, and ...fears, her imagination explores every aspect of her life. All she desires, she sees in her distant Midnight Moon. From the boardroom to the bedroom, she fantasizes. At times speaking in the third-person, she pins what she remembers. Oddiscy could not resist sprinkling in some relationship advice along the way.Always controlling, always sensual! Enjoy this journey of love and lust, pleasure and pain, sassiness and sexiness. Oddiscy Quest Carter never reveals whether the experiences are real or purely the work of an overactive sexually charged imagination. As you are ushered into the most intimate regions of Oddiscy's world, you must decide whether your life is limited by touch or invigorated by the energy in a caress. These are Oddiscy's Expressions of Sensual Truths. From unrequited love to unforgettable lovers, Oddiscy reveals the power of the kiss, the hope in a hug, and importance of overwhelming joys of pleasing and being pleasured.
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              ISBN 9780615715766
              Released AU 23 Jul 2013
              Publisher I Am More, LLC
              Interest Age Adults / General
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