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            Matariki (Maori New Year)

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            Puanga, Star of the Maori New Year

            Puanga, Star of the Maori New Year (Paperback)

            By Rerekura, Sam

            Puanga is the star Rigel in Orion. Most of the tribes of the Maori people in Aotearoa observed Puanga to mark the beginning of the Maori New Year. In Maori mythology he was believed to be the older brother of Matariki. His cosmic rising between May and June in the early morning s...ky signalled the beginning of winter. Which is why Maori knew him as the foremost winter star. A practical reason why Maori marked the New Year at this particular time of the year was because Puanga's heliacal rising coincided with the end of the harvest where the first fruits were eaten during a three-day festival of lights. The religious reason why Maori began the New Year in May-June was because it was the only time in the year when all the most significant stars important in Maori mythology rose at the same time at dawn. The kumara had been lifted, pigeons were being stored away in calabash containers and shark had been hung out to dry ready for the winter months. The New Year was a sacred time for Maori when offerings were made to Puanga and laid out by the tohunga priesthood on taahu altar shrines as a gesture of thanksgiving. Through the study of the oral literature we are able to gaze through a window into the past to understand how Maori perceived the star Puanga in ancient times. In some traditions he is said to be the son of the Goddess of the underworlds and was only born as a result of the shaking of the earth by Ruaumoko the God of earthquakes. He was then pushed up into the sky by the sun. Puanga is known to bring about the autumn rains and cause flooding throughout the country to replenish the land and leave much needed nutrients to fertilise the earth. He is believed to descend from thunder and lightning, which is logical as rain is sometimes accompanied by the elements of lightning and thunder. The Ngapuhi people saw him in the shape of a Pewa bird snare. Ngapuhi also perceived him in the form of a tuahu altarpiece. Moriori considered Puanga as the pole that held up a wha
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            ISBN 9780473278304
            Released AU 23 May 2014
            Publisher SAM REREKURA
            Interest Age General Audience
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            Little Kiwi's Matariki

            Little Kiwi's Matariki (Paperback)

            By Slade Robinson, Nikki; Illustrated by Robinson, Nikki Slade

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            The little Kiwi is fast asleep in her burrow. A beam of moonlight shines right down into her burrow. She wakes, and realises it is time. Hurrying out into the night, she wakes each of her friends from their midwinter slumber.'Kia tere! Hurry!' she urges them. The little Kiwi lead...s her friends through the pingao and onto the beach. It is pre-dawn. They wait, and watch. As the moon slips away behind the hills, the constellation of Matariki rises for the first time, in the northeastern sky. This gentle tale about celebrating Matariki, the Maori New Year, finishes with an explanation of Matariki - it's origins, traditions and how it is celebrated today. The constellation is also shown, with the Maori names for each star. The text contains some simple words in Te Reo Maori alongside the English equivalent.
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            ISBN 9781927305201
            Published AU 1 Apr 2016
            Publisher David Ling Publishing Limited
            Interest Age 4-6 years
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