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            My Brother's War

            My Brother's War (Paperback)

            By Hill, David

            • RRP: $16.99
            • $12.74
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            "It's New Zealand, 1914, and the biggest war the world has known has just broken out in Europe. William eagerly enlists for the army but his younger brother, Edmund, is a conscientious objector and refuses to fight. While William trains to be a soldier, Edmund is arrested. Both b...rothers will end up on the bloody battlefields of France, but their journeys there are very different. And what they experience at the front line will challenge the beliefs that led them there"--Publisher information. Suggested level: intermediate, junior secondary.
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            ISBN 9780143307174
            Published AU 22 Aug 2012
            Publisher Penguin
            Interest Age 9-12 years
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            Red Rocks

            Red Rocks (Paperback)

            By King, Rachael

            • RRP: $19.99
            • $14.99
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            While holidaying at his father's house, 12-year-old Jake explores the wild south coast of Wellington, with its high cliffs, biting winds, and its fierce seals. When Jake stumbles upon a perfectly preserved sealskin, hidden in a crevice at Red Rocks, he takes it home and, worried ...his father will disapprove, hides it under his bed. Jake meets Jim, an old man who lives in a shack on the beach, and his grand-daughter Jessie, a small girl with dark eyes and a pointy face, who speaks strangely and who frolics in the water without ever feeling the cold. And who is the red-haired woman who wanders barefoot around the beaches and the streets, peering into houses? Could she be looking for her skin, as Jessie believes, so she can return to the sea? Is Jake now in danger? Red Rocks takes the Celtic myth of the Selkies, or seal people, and transplants it into the New Zealand landscape, throwing an ordinary boy into an adventure tinged with magic. With its beautiful writing and eerie atmosphere, junior readers will be thrilled and moved by this captivating story.
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            ISBN 9781869799144
            Published AU 1 Jun 2012
            Publisher Random House
            Interest Age Children
            13 In-stock at publisher; ships 7-14 working days
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            At the Beach: Explore & Discover the New Zealand Seashore

            At the Beach: Explore & Discover the New Zealand Seashore (Paperback)

            By Barraud, Ned; Candler, Gillian

            • RRP: $17.99
            • $14.39
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            At the Beach is a delightful introduction to the natural history of the New Zealand seashore. The stage is set with beautiful, factually correct illustrations (including detailed cross-sections) of three familiar habitats - the sandy beach, rockpools and mudflats. Many of the pla...nts and animals that play a part in these rich ecosystems are shown in situ, and readers are directed from there to pages dedicated to detailed coverage of: crabs; sea stars, kina and sea anemones; shellfish; seaweeds, sponges and sandhoppers; fish, jellyfish & shrimps; birds. Aimed at children 5-8 years old, but with appeal for anyone curious about New Zealand's natural environment, At the Beach is a must for the home, bach, classroom and library. Comes with a removable, waterproof quick-reference guide to common seashore animals.
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            ISBN 9781877517730
            Published AU 1 Oct 2012
            Publisher Potton & Burton
            Interest Age 5-8 years
            Series Explore & Discover
            9 In-stock at publisher; ships 7-14 working days
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            Ko Meru

            Ko Meru (Paperback, Maori language ed.)

            By Mewburn, Kyle; Illustrated by Teo, Ali; O'Reilly, John; Retold by Roberts, Ngaere

            • RRP: $16.99
            • $13.59
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            Melu decides to follow his dream, instead of the herd The mules had been clip-clopping around the sun-baked hills for generations. They always clip-clopped in the same direction: west towards the setting sun. And they never ventured down to the glittering green sea. But Melu was ...different. He was always out of step. When the herd clipped, Melu clopped. When the others clopped, Melu clipped. And one day, he decided he wanted to go down to the glittering green sea Selling Points A story that celebrates difference and determination Award-winning author/illustrator duo of Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! and Ducks Stuck fame Simple, evocative text supported by simple, quirky illustrations that will delight
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            ISBN 9781775430759
            Published AU 1 Sep 2019
            Publisher Scholastic
            Interest Age 3-7 years
            Series Maori
            Language (Maori)
            155 In-stock at publisher; ships 7-14 working days
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