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              The Miracle Typist

              The Miracle Typist (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Silver, Leon

              • RRP: $32.99
              • $24.74
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              In the tradition of THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ, a heartbreaking true story of love, loss and survival against all odds during the Second World war. Conscripted into the Polish army as Hitler's ground and air forces are bearing down on his country, Jew Tolek Klings vows to return ...to his wife, Klara, and son, Juliusz. However, when the Luftwaffe's bombs start falling and the Polish cause looks hopelessly lost, Tolek finds himself under fire from his supposed brothers in arms. The Polish army is rife with anti-Semitism and he is relentlessly tormented. As the Germans cross the border, he is faced with a terrible dilemma: flee to protect his family - and risk being shot as a deserter - or ride out the war, hoping rumours of women and children being spared in the concentration camps are true. What follows is an odyssey that will take Tolek from a Hungarian internment camp, where his ability to type spares him from the frontline, on to Palestine, Beirut, Egypt, Tobruk and Italy. A broken telegram from Klara, ending with the haunting words, 'We trouble', pushes him to the brink.
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              ISBN 9781760854355
              Published AU 2 Sep 2020
              Publisher Simon & Schuster Australia
              Interest Age General Audience
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              Dancing With the Hurricane

              Dancing With the Hurricane (Paperback)

              By Silver, Leon

              At the hospital bed of his comatose uncle, Laibel Goldenstein recounts their family's journey from war-torn Europe to the fledgling state of Israel and then on to Australia. This story is loosely autobiographical and is set in post-World War II Europe, Israel and Australia.

              ISBN 9780732280406
              Published AU 30 Jun 2004
              Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
              Interest Age General Audience
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              Sweeties (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Silver, Leon

              • RRP: $22.99
              • $22.99
              • Available At Publisher

              Abel Jackson Marvin is in a coma reliving his life's pinball game: the bumps and ricochets - bushfires, family breakups, heroic rescues - and the rewards: his granny's sweeties 'to balance out life's nasties' and his love for his best friends, Roma and George. Abel must choose be...tween playing on or letting the ball drain away: game over.
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              ISBN 9781922198266
              Published AU 11 Oct 2016
              Publisher Lacuna Publishing
              Interest Age General Audience
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