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              The Frenchman

              The Frenchman (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Beaumont, Jack

              • RRP: $29.99
              • $22.49
              • Save $7.50
              • Pub Date
                5 Jan 21

              Alec de Payns is an operative in the secretive Y Division of the DGSE, France's famed foreign intelligence service. He's the agent at the sharp end of clandestine intelligence missions, responsible for thwarting terror plots and disrupting illegal nuclear and biological weapons p...rograms. The element the missions have in common is danger - to de Payns, his team and to those who stand in his way. But increasingly it's not just the enemies of France that are being damaged by de Payns' actions. His own marriage is under strain, and at the back of his mind lurks the fear that haunts every operative with a family - what if they come after my children? When a routine mission in Palermo to disrupt a terrorist organisation goes fatally wrong, Alec is forced to confront that they may have been betrayed by a fellow operative. And now he's been tasked to investigate a secretive biological weapons plant in Pakistan. Alec must find out how they're producing a weaponised bacteria capable of killing millions, and what they plan to do with it. But with a traitor within their own ranks, it's not just Alec in the firing line. Soon he'll be forced to confront his worst fear - and the potential destruction of Paris itself. This is fiction, but based on the experiences of a real French spy. The knowledge and tradecraft that lie behind Jack Beaumont's taut plotting and brilliant eye for detail enliven every page, making The Frenchman all the more plausible, and all the more frightening.
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              ISBN 9781760529383
              Published AU 5 Jan 2021
              Publisher Allen & Unwin
              Interest Age General Audience
              Available for pre-order, ships once released
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              Twilight of The Pumpkin Man

              Twilight of The Pumpkin Man (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Illustrated by McVey, Alex; By Beaumont, Jack

              • RRP: $42.99
              • $34.13
              • Save $8.86
              • In Stock US

              The Pumpkin Man has risen again! Sixteen years ago the inhabitants of Summer's Cove thought that they'd rid themselves of the menace of The Pumpkin Man for good. Little did they know that all they really accomplished was imprisoning him for a short time. All the while he schemed ...for vengeance against the town and its people; seething with hate and rage. This time, he's found a new body to inhabit...one that will grant him power unimaginable and allow him to carry out his evil plans much more efficiently. He's gotten smarter and more patient over time. This time around, Summer's Cove won't know what hit them until it's too late! More blood will be shed than ever before. More death. More destruction. More debacuhery than ever before awaits the town of Summer's Cove. The Pumpkin Man is back...and he's pissed off.
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              ISBN 9780998836799
              Released AU 1 May 2017
              Publisher King's Way Press
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series The Pumpkin Man
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              Night of the Pumpkin Man

              Night of the Pumpkin Man (Hardback)

              By Beaumont, Jack; Illustrated by McVey, Alex

              • RRP: $143.50
              • $94.87
              • Save $48.63
              • In Stock US

              Summer's Cove, Alabama: A small town once besieged in 1914 by the frightful and mysterious Pumpkin Man. His first visit to Summer's Cove left murder, mayhem, and chaos in his wake. Now in 2015, a new mayor has taken over Summer's Cove and has changed everything, including the rit...uals that once kept The Pumpkin Man resting in peace. Now a hundred and one years later, The Pumpkin Man is back and out for vengeance against the small town. Can the mayor and a small group of heroes overcome their disbelief and fears in order to defeat The Pumpkin Man again before he completely destroys the city? How many in Summer's Cove will die this time?
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              ISBN 9781684196647
              Released AU 30 Nov 2017
              Publisher King's Way Press
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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