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              Tail of the Wuggly Bump

              Tail of the Wuggly Bump (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Illustrated by Hess, Joshua; By Mueller, John Paul

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              Dragons, some are sources of fear, some are sources of happiness, and a few just hang around. Prepare to meet a new kind of dragon; one that does cleaning. He even has a feather duster for a tail. Really! This snaggletoothed consumer of all things refuse can't even fly. He makes ...a noise, actually two noises. Moving forward produces a wuggle, stopping produces a bump (all that refuse in his belly makes quite a thump really). Hence his name, the Wuggly Bump. The Wuggly Bump doesn't seem all that horrible; a little ridiculous perhaps, but nothing to be scared of. Yet, he has to come out at night to do his work because the entire town truly is scared. People lock their doors and windows in terror; no one comes out once the sun goes down. Then there is the town of Clean. It's called Clean because it's really clean. After all, it has a dragon to clean it. No one needs to lift a finger to reap the benefits of their clean town. Visitors come from everywhere to see the town and buy its goods, then they go home. No one stays the night. The town doesn't even have an inn because they don't need it. As you read, you might wonder why the town's visitors walk around sort of befuddled and end up with things they don't need or want. The clerks are happy, the mayor is happy, the guards are happy, but the buyers aren't. Yet, the buyers keep coming back for more. There is more to the town of Clean than a dragon, who would be amusing under any circumstance, and people who buy products without regard to need. A dark secret lies dormant, ready to come to light. Josh knows what it is, as does Heidi. Sam is a bit clueless, but he's about to learn more, especially about the dragon. No one else is even aware that anything is wrong though and time is running out to fix it. Reading Tail of the Wuggly Bump is an escape into a very odd town with a lot of interesting secrets and people scheming for their own benefit. Find out what the deep secrets are and whether Josh, Heidi, and Sam can overcome
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              ISBN 9798634067780
              Released AU 6 May 2020
              Publisher Independently Published
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series The Realm of Dark and Light
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-14 working days
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