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              Legal System Between Order and Disorder

              Legal System Between Order and Disorder (Hardback)

              By Ost, Francois; Volume editor Kerchove, Michel Van De; Translated by Stewart, Iain

              • RRP: $177.99
              • $177.99
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              A translation of a French text, this book asks two core inter-related questions. The first is: how have legal philosophers systematized law, and what types of assumptions have been made in undertaking this task? Second, in what sense is the law a system and how is it maintained a...s such?
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              ISBN 9780198256922
              Released AU 29 Sep 1994
              Publisher Oxford University Press (S1)
              Interest Age General Audience
              Indent title (internationally sourced), usually ships 4-6 weeks
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              Global Constitutionalism and Its Challenges to Westphalian Constitutional Law

              Global Constitutionalism and Its Challenges to Westphalian Constitutional Law (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Edited by Belov, Dr Martin; Ost, Francois; Hoecke, Mark Van

              • RRP: $126.99
              • $101.59
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              • Pub Date
                17 Sep 20

              Westphalian constitutionalism has shaped our understanding of politics, socio-political institutions and personal and political freedom for centuries. It is historically based in the foundations of Western modernity, such as humanism and rationalism, and is organised around famil...iar principles of national sovereignty, the rule of law, the separation of powers, and democracy. But since the end of the twentieth century, global constitutionalism has gradually emerged, challenging both the constitutional ideology and the constitutional design of Westphalian constitutional law. This book critically assesses the structural and functional transformations in the Westphalian constitutional tradition produced by the emergence of supranational and global constitutionalism. In so doing, it evaluates the theory of global constitutionalism, its legal and socio-political limits, and important issues concerning the supranational constitutionalism of the EU. This leads to an articulation of the constitutional theory of the emerging post-Westphalian constitutionalism, examining its development during a period of significantly increased access to and sharing of information, increased mobility and more open statehood, as well as the rise of human rights and its encounter with populism and nationalism. This book will be of great interest to scholars of constitutional law and theory, particularly those with an interest in globalisation and supranationalism.
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              ISBN 9781509941186
              Released AU 17 Sep 2020
              Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
              Interest Age 16+ years
              Series European Academy of Legal Theory Series
              Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 17 Sep 2020
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              As You Law It - Negotiating Shakespeare

              As You Law It - Negotiating Shakespeare (Hardback)

              Edited by Carpi, Daniela; Ost, Francois

              • RRP: $325.99
              • $325.99
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              The analysis of law in Shakespearean texts has recently seen a renewed interest. In the negotiations between theatre and society the law comes to the forefront not as a static but a mutable code that reflects the new needs of the age. The novelty of

              ISBN 9783110590821
              Released AU 6 Aug 2018
              Publisher De Gruyter
              Interest Age Adults / General
              Series Law and Literature
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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              Dire le droit, faire justice

              Dire le droit, faire justice (EPUB ebook)

              By Ost, Francois

              Quand dire, c'est faire... Quand dire le droit, c'est faire justice... Mais quel droit, et quelle justice ? Comment saisir le role du juge, au terme de decennies d'evolution profonde qui ont entraine a la fois la transformation de son office et une formidable montee en puissance ...de ses decisions ? Francois OST, observateur attentif de ces evolutions, tente de repondre a cette question dans la dizaine d'etudes ici rassemblees, echelonnees sur vingt ans. S'il n'est plus (et n'a jamais ete) la simple bouche de la loi, le juge n'a pas pour autant pris l'ancienne place du legislateur au sommet de la pyramide normative. Au carrefour du reseau juridique, regulateur des divers pouvoirs qui s'y exercent, le juge combine les fonctions d'arbitre et d'entraineur ; son pouvoir se cherche entre les roles de Jupiter (l'imperieux), d'Hercule (l'infatigable Providence) et d'Hermes (le communicateur). Le lecteur retrouvera notamment dans cet ouvrage ces typologies devenues incontournables dans le debat sur le role et le statut du juge.
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              ISBN 9782802739333
              Available in EPUB
              Software Adobe Ebook Compatible Devices
              Language fr
              Released AU 13 Aug 2013
              Publisher Primento Digital Publishing
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Penser le droit
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